Vote in our T-Shirt Contest!

Exclusive to United for Action “Core” members: Vote for your favorite t-shirt design!

Several United for Action volunteers have submitted to United for Action’s first t-shirt design contest, and now our Core members get to vote for their favorites.

To submit your vote, look at the designs below, and then visit the ballot this page by September 9 to select your top three. Also, be sure to fill in the email address field.  We will not reveal who voted for which t-shirt, but we will use the email address to verify that you are a Core member.

Here are the rules:

  • Deadline for voting is September 9.  Any votes received after September 9 will not be counted.
  • You must be a Core member to vote.  We will check your email address against our Core member list.
  • Only one ballot per person.  If we find more than one ballot, we will just count the first one.
  • If you vote for the same t-shirt multiple times on one ballot, only your highest ranking vote for that t-shirt will count.
  • Undervoting – voting for less than three preferences – is OK.

When you select your top three t-shirts, your first choice gets 3 points, your second choice gets 2 points, and your third choice gets 1 point.  The t-shirt design with the highest point count will win. (In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly.)

We will announce the winner at our next United for Action meeting.  So fill out your ballot today!

Note: Click on any of the images below to display a larger version.

#1 Anti-Fracking Action Hero (front, back)

#2 Don’t Frack NY

#3 Protect Your Water, Say No to Fracking (front, back)

#4 Stop Fracking Our Water

#5 Got Fracking Fluid? (front, back)

#6 There’s More Than Methane Down There (front, back)