Petition to Obama: No Fracking, especially on Public Lands!

It’s no secret: President Obama likes fracking.

Because of this, many in the anti-fracking movement have long been calling for a campaign to push President Obama to ban fracking. After all, at a time when New York Governor Cuomo seems to be listening to the science, stories that the EPA is backing away from evidence that links water contamination and fracking continue to emerge. There has never been a more critical time to put pressure on the President, especially in light that we are in the middle of a comment period for drilling on public lands.

Please sign this petition to President Obama urging him to ban fracking not just on public lands, but everywhere!

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The close of the comment period for drilling on public lands is August 23rd.  We will be delivering this petition to the President with members of Americans Against Fracking on August 22nd.

Please help us to get signatures on this petition. It’s important we send a strong message to the Obama Administration.


Photos: Jessica Roff

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