Don’t Let the DEC “Grinch” Ruin Your Holidays!

ImageHow fortunate we are to have the brilliant Sandra Steingraber in our midst!  Just when the New York DEC releases its draft regulations with a 30-day comment period in time to slip by (they hope) quietly over the holidays, Ms. Steingraber has crafted a fun and easy way to comment every single day until January 11th!

Each day, the website “Thirty Days of Fracking Regs” discusses a different section of the draft regulations, providing in-depth interpretation and analysis for that specific section.  There is also creative inspiration to get your juices flowing.  For instance, today’s (Dec. 18) email and webpage invoke the anniversary of NY’s own William Seward proclaiming the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery and calls upon would-be “fracking abolitionists.”  It proceeds to discuss how today’s highlighted draft reg section (560.3) protects the drilling industry by letting it use the “proprietary formula” excuse to not have to disclose all of the chemicals they utilize while fracking.  Thus, medical professionals may not have all of the information they would need when people in impacted communities become ill.  Fittingly, the post caps off with a declaration from the Bassett Healthcare Network, located in the Southern Tier.

When I was a child I loved opening the doors of my advent calendar.  Thank you Sandra for the beautiful metaphor.  Each day has new meaning and a way to make our voices heard, and hopefully some hearts to grow.

So let’s get cracking!  There are still 23 more days to go!  Go see “Lincoln” for inspiration. Tell all of your would-be “fracking abolitionist” friends and family about the website too.

(In case you are not already familiar with Dr. Steingraber, there is a website for the new documentary about her life, “Living Downstream”, that beautifully shares her life story.)


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