An Energy Boom in Western Pennsylvania –

For three years, he and his wife, Linda, have wrestled with the land men, natural gas drillers and pipeline builders who are turning this very sleepy corner of Western Pennsylvania into an energy boom land.   The farm Mr.   Headley bought in 2006 for his semiretirement has become something of a nightmare.   Gas wells leak.   Drilling blowouts have spewed fine, chalky bentonite into trout-stocked Georges Creek, turning it a milky white.   A spring where his wife’s three horses once watered now bubbles and belches.   Touched with a flame, it will ignite.

“It’s the Wild West,” said C.   J.   Callahan, a 29-year-old banker in Point Marion, grabbing dinner with his wife and newborn baby at Apple Annie’s, just down the road from the Headleys.   “There aren’t regulations.   It’s just, get it out as quick as you can, because they’re going to do the regulations down the road.”

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