NYS Day of Action: Lively Crowds Outside and Pointed Lobbying Inside

Albany, January 24. Members of United for Action, along with hundreds of other concerned citizens, descended upon the Capitol in Albany for a “Fracking Day of Action.”

Fractivists rally in the NYS Leg Office Building

After a high-spirited indoor rally, 570 of the attendees headed upstairs to visit legislators’ offices. Citizens Campaign for the Environment and other orgs under the “Water Rangers” moniker deftly coordinated the days’ logistics. Here is their press release. Thanks to all the organizations that provided the excellent literature to enlighten legislators.

While the citizen-lobbyists promoted a range of legislative bills that were passed last session in the Assembly but not brought up for vote in the Senate — such as those for home rule clarification and for closing the hazardous waste loophole — the overarching message was clear:

  • The inherent dangers of fracking are undeniable;
  • The NYS Department of Environmental Conservations’s proposed regulations are woefully inadequate; and
  • The only real way to protect the state from fracking is to prohibit it altogether.

There were many speakers from all walks. You can listen to some highlights, including United for Action’s own David Braun, here. Sandra Steingraber led a cheer for the Bulgarians, who recently got their government to pass a fracking ban. She also introduced a baker from her hometown who generously donated over a hundred loaves of bread. The bread was shared among the crowd and a procession followed to deliver some loaves to Cuomo’s office.

All in all, the event reflected what becomes clearer with each passing day – the outcry against fracking continues to multiply, and as it grows, so too does the preponderance of evidence justifying it.

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