August 20th to September 3rd: Action in Washington, D.C. to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline is organizing the largest protests in the environmental movement’s recent history in Washington, D.C. from 8/20/11 to 9/3/11 calling on President Obama to block the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which would span from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  If you wish to be part of this action, you need to register at

  • The Alberta tar sands is the biggest industrial development and energy project in the world, destroying a piece of land the size of Florida.
  • The tar sands use more water than a city of two million people.
  • The tar sands produce 36 million tons of carbon dioxide per day and emit the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 1.3 million cars.
  • Wastewater from the tar sands is stored in toxic ponds so big that they can be seen from space.  These toxic lakes leak millions of gallons of contaminated water every day into groundwater and drinking water for local communities.
Learn more about Tar Sands Oil Extraction:
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