June 26, NYC – NYC Celebrates Water Festival 2011 : A Pedal Powered Concert

Pedal Power NYC presents the ‘NYC Celebrates Water Festival 2011’, a totally pedal powered concert dedicated to the foresight of so many throughout the years who have managed to protect our precious resource. Union Square, NYC, Sunday, June 26 · 12:00pm – 5:00pm

El Agua es la Verdad!

NYC Celebrates Water Festival 2011, the groove capital of NYC this day, will feature mind-blowing performances by Vanessa Bley, Masa (Didi Gutman of Brazilian Girls and master producer Hector Castillo) and Gordon Voidwell!

The festival celebrates NYC’s precious drinking water, which is still safe, clean and right out of the tap for New York City’s 8 million residents to enjoy. Conceived and produced by Pedal Power NYC, the festival grid is completely charged by cyclists from the audience. Volunteer riders will crank it out on a fleet of 16 newly fabricated bike generators…meaning, the show is 100% powered by Natural Ass, no batteries included.

There will be a festival side stage for kids, where the Super Sprowtz will entertain and educate children about healthy eating habits using fun “super powered” vegetable super heroes as part of the festival. Children can interact with the Super Sprowtz in a dedicated children’s activity area.http://www.supersprowtz.com/

About Pedal Power NYC
Pedal Power NYC is an organization dedicated to capturing and repurposing human power with bicycles. We provide the bicycles and the crew – you provide the Natural Ass! Let’s be honest, we’d rather power our stage with natural ass than natural gas—and we’ve developed a live human-powered system that does just that without sacrificing sick sound quality. Founded by Ariel Agai in 2011, Pedal Power NYC helps us imagine new possibilities for our energy use and celebrates sustainability, creativity and human energy. www.pedalpowernyc.org

Check out our Facebook page for videos and photos from our recent Natural Ass rehearsal sessions in Bushwick, Brooklyn atwww.facebook.com/pedalpowernyc.

About the Performers

Vanessa Bley
Known to deliver “…a raucous set of danceable tracks, bringing an energy, technical prowess and a wildness rarely seen from young female artists today….” – (The New York Times), Vanessa Bley is also founder of SPACE CAMP RADIO, a weekly online fracktivist show and is in another band recently signed to EMI called // TWIN DANGER.
www.vanessabley.com // www.spacecampradio.com

Masa is a combination of sounds and words, generously brought to you by partners Didi Gutman and Hector Castillo, and friends. Hector and Didi’s musical journeys have been marked by innumerable success and failures, encompassed by a high quality level in their work. The songs contain hypnotic passages, poetic words, dance grooves and exquisite production value.

Gordon Voidwell
Well-known by his pen name Gordon Voidwell, William Gordon Johnson is a Bronx-born singer, songwriter, musician and fashion writer. He is noted for his mixtape Voided Checks (2009), which has been called “electro-fantastic…hip-hop-esque [and] yacht-rockin.” Voidwell’s keen wit, incisive satire and undeniable danceability has earned him praise from critics and peers alike. A friend to presidents, artists, industrialists, and European royalty, Gordon is extensively grooved to, f**ked to and listened to on the train. Inspired by Talking Heads, The Rah Band and Marz, Voidwell’s new single Ivy League Circus teems with recession-era energy for those who are bullish on beats and bearish on modesty. Gordon Voidwell is NOT from Brooklyn.
www.twitter.com/gvoidwell //www.gordonvoidwell.com facebook

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