Urge your NYS legislators to get on the fracking Ban-Wagon!

Before the current NYS legislative session closes – urge your elected representatives to advance a fracking ban!

Two NY State legislators have taken a leading stance on banning fracking. In March, Senator Avella introduced NYS Senate bill S4220. And in late April, NYS Assemblyman Colton introduced a companion Assembly bill, A7218.

The current legislative session is almost over – ask your Senator and Assemblymember to advance the ban on fracking.

Here is what to do:

  • Call your NYS State Senator and urge him or her to support Senator Avella’s ban bill S4220.
  • Call your NYS State Assemblymember and urge him or her to support or co-sponsor Assemblyman Colton’s bill A7218.

Help us keep up the pressure – send a clear message that citizens all over New York State oppose all fracking!

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